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Banana Popsicles

50.57 calories/2.61 grams protein per serving. Makes 7 popsicles

1 packet Instant Sugar Free Banana Pudding Mix (3.4 oz.) 100 cal 0 protein
2 cup Skim Milk 182 cal 17.4 protein
1 Banana, cut into pieces 72 cal 0.9 protein

These sweet treats take only 10 minutes to make! Give them time to freeze. Whip some up for an afternoon snack that your kids (or you) will love.

1) Mix pudding mix and milk together. Add cut up banana to pudding and blend evenly.
2) Spoon enough pudding and banana mixture into popsicle cups to cover bottom. Periodically tap the cups to get any air pockets out.
3) Freeze until set and enjoy!