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Quick Chicken Salad Wrap

247 calories/23.6 grams protein per serving. Makes 1 serving.

1 Whole Wheat Tortilla (6-8" dia) 120 cal 2 protein
2 oz. Shredded Cooked Chicken 94 cal 17.6 protein
1/2 oz Low-Fat Shredded Cheese 25 cal 3.5 protein
1/2 tsp Dried Herbs 0 cal 0 protein
1 cup Salad Leaves 8 cal 0.5 protein
1 tbsp fat-free or low-fat dressing calories depend on your dressing protein depends on your dressing

1) Layer tortilla with sliced tomato and chicken and top with the cheese.
2) Sprinkle herbs over and roll up.
3) Heat in a toaster oven for 3 minutes or microwave for 60 seconds.

Salad Dressing: Don't forget to add the extra calories and protein from your salad dressing you choose. I suggest a red wine vinaigrette, or low calorie italian etc.